Naivasha is a town in the rift valley region of Kenya, it might not seem like much at first glance but it holds its own against numerous other destinations in East Africa for its variety. In Naivasha, there's the Hell's Gate National Park a popular destination for hiking and game drives. Its distinct natural rock formations are not only a challenge for adventurers but also provide scenic views that last a lifetime. The towering cliffs and intimidating gorges, the geysers and hot springs periodically releasing water from the ground are enough reason to visit the park - just for the atmosphere. Apart from the hot water park, Naivasha also has a lake, Lake Naivasha, a truly original name, which is home to a variety of fish and birds. The surrounding park is also home to hippos, lions, and zebras among other mammals.

Popular Attractions in Naivasha

Hells Gate National Park

Long live the king.

Hells Gate National Park

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