Nairobi is Kenya's capital city and one of the largest economic hubs in the whole of eastern and central Africa. It is known to have hosted several international conferences, maintains quite a number of embassies, and has the largest airport in eastern Africa. Not only is it one of Africa's top conferencing destinations but it is also a getaway destination as it has within its boundaries one of the country's greatest national parks - the only city in the world that is so. The Nairobi national park is a marvel, an indisputably unique location on the face of the earth. It single-handedly manages to make a name for the city as in a minute you could be in a busy street full of people and then all of a sudden you are transported into a place filled empty - filled only with trees and animals in stark contrast to city buildings in the horizon almost as if you went through a portal.

Popular Attractions in Nairobi

Nairobi National Park

A large park filled with wild animals located somehow inside a city.

Nairobi National Park

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